Love Of 16 - a blind love

February 15, 2017 1:16pm CST
Most people say 16th is a very dangerous age .Yen always fall in love in this age.I n this age blindly attracted to opposite gender. So that it is called sweet sixteen. What is your opinion about this age?
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@VivaLaDani13 (22010)
• Perth, Australia
12 Mar 17
@pammooratan I think most things are a bit confusing for a teen. Everything new they go through is literally a first for them. "Falling in love" usually ends up being that they "thought" they were in love. I know when I look back at that age, I thought I was so in love with someone I was dating and was heart broken when we broke up but now I see how it wasn't love at all. It was just all my hormones kicking in and being excited and giddy having a boyfriend for the first time.
• India
12 Mar 17
You are well experienced. I think.
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@stbrians (15893)
• Kakamega, Kenya
15 Feb 17
An age when one is aware of her beauty and sexuality,
• India
16 Feb 17
Yes it's a very dangerous if not consulted or examined pores guidence.