Is there any excuse for those who drink and decide to drive?

February 16, 2017 1:30pm CST
Alcoholic beverages and direction do not really match (and statistics based on all traffic accidents caused by it only confirm this). Maybe I'm being a bit radical, but I really can't accept the idea of ??someone wanting to apologize for such an irresponsible act. I hope the law will continue to be increasingly severe for this type of crime.
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@jhechorain (1218)
• Susanville, California
16 Feb 17
Well, I don't know if "excuse" is the right word. I haven't ever drank and drove but my sister has. There were a lot of stress factors going on including her wanting to go see her children. This was a few years ago and she has cleaned up and gotten sober since then.
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@DianneN (81925)
• United States
17 Feb 17
There is no excuse for drinking and driving.
@shaynas (5528)
• India
17 Feb 17
I hope too!
@SIMPLYD (81338)
• Philippines
17 Feb 17
Here, drinking and driving aren't being punished or you will be apprehended when caught driving under the influence of liquor. However, when you drink and drive and met an accident because of that, you will be imprisoned for reckless driving.
• Midland, Michigan
17 Feb 17
No, there isn't any excuse for this type of behavior. I don't think the people that do pot even if it's legal in their state should do that and drive either for similar reasons. It may be years before it is determine that people under that influence are unsafe drivers unfortunately.
@shaggin (37309)
• United States
17 Feb 17
I have never liked to drink and drive nor liked when others drink and drive. It scares me! People tend to think they can drive well while drinking but they do not and are endangering others!
@JudyEv (129826)
• Bunbury, Australia
16 Feb 17
There is no excuse for this happening. So many innocent lives have been lost because someone drank and then drove.
@JohnRoberts (61074)
• Los Angeles, California
16 Feb 17
There can never be an apology for driving under the influence.
@KrauseHome (35529)
• United States
16 Feb 17
Personally there needs to be no exception for this as well. Especially if you know in advance you are going to be drinking plan to get a Cab, Uber or Lyft if you can't find a designated driver to ride with you. And most places if you explain or used too if you are the designated driver will give Free soda to them. But no when a person gets caught especially if they wreck should get penalized for it.
@PatZAnthony (12863)
• Charlotte, North Carolina
16 Feb 17
Having buried a few who were killed by drunk drivers, no there is never an excuse that will make it okay.
@KristenH (24736)
• Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
16 Feb 17
There's no excuse to get behind the wheel when drunk. You'll get pulled over and ticketed, sent to jail. You could go to prison for DUI, hit-and-run and other vehicular charges. MADD has been an active organization for many years. They should call Uber or Lyft, hire a taxi or have a designated driver.