February 17, 2017 5:01am CST
Do you hate it when someone pops up in your door room and disturb you specially when you already get yourself to focus on what you are doing. Like when someone ruins your schedule because he or she needs a reconstructions to their job or they simply can't concentrate that is why they keep bothering you too?! I hate those times. And I reallybhatebit when those people don't get my message to simply go away as I don't want to lose my focus and motivation that firing me up to finish my job. Do you feel the same?
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• Kharkiv, Ukraine
17 Feb 17
you have to let them know you hate that , and you have to tell them to respect your wishes so you can respect thiers
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• Philippines
17 Feb 17
Well people who loves to play don't get it... Unless you start to get angry.
• Kharkiv, Ukraine
17 Feb 17
@luisadannointed well anger is natuer thing was born with us , it's fine to get angry from time to time , but not to hate
@syeow1 (5138)
• India
17 Feb 17
It really distrubing me.
@DianneN (97724)
• United States
17 Feb 17
It's just my husband and me now, but he doesn't bother me, too much!