Some people are so rude!

@flpoolbum (2934)
United States
February 19, 2017 12:55pm CST
There is a person in my neighbor, I'm told that it's a women, who lets her dog urinate on the my car, not the wheel, the actual body. I have a really nice car, I decided to treat myself afyer having cluckers most of my life. If I ever catch her doing that she'll regret it. I'm not usually vengeful but come n, show some class. Pulling your dog away would be the right thing to do.
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@megatron777 (3773)
• Guam
19 Feb 17
Man's best friend doing some nasty thing on your car Having pet dog in and by itself is not wrong but one should be responsible and matured enough not to injure or damage the right or property rights of other people. Do you have any sort of government regulations put in place regarding this things?
@flpoolbum (2934)
• United States
19 Feb 17
I'm not sure if their is a specific law about that. I would have to catch them first.
@JohnRoberts (67098)
• Los Angeles, California
19 Feb 17
That is a reason why I do not look kindly upon dogs and dog owners.
@stapllotik (1286)
• India
19 Feb 17
Do you have a local committee. Some Body ' who would listen to you officially ?
@Happy2BeMe (75441)
• Canada
19 Feb 17
Some people just don't care about other people's things. That is disgusting and rude.