Plastic surgery gone wrong

February 26, 2017 12:40am CST
Ayesha was one of my favorite actress but after what she did with her face sorry,i know its her face & her life to take decision but she was naturally beautiful on her own. It's clear she has been under the knife. Before this recent transformation, I doubted her lips. Anyway they are rich and can invest in being more beautiful than naturally gifted because of the money and in the business they are where you are pressurerised sometimes to be beautiful than every second before you have lived in.The film industry where beauty counts the most unfortunately.
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• Philippines
26 Feb 17
I just hope they stay cute and pretty the way they are before. I hate seeing flat nose and the next day it become so pointy but ghey keep denying it. Lol!
• India
26 Feb 17
Yeah,I don't know why they all trying to ruined their beautiful faces,Just for stardum and money.