Should the odd even concept be used universally to control pollution ?

February 28, 2017 1:34am CST
New Delhi(India) started the odd even concept for private cars in the city where the last number of ur number plate is even than u can take your car out on an even date and the same follow for odd number. The concept was a huge success which saw a downfall of pollution in one of the world's most polluted city and shortage of traffic. So the question right now is that should it be followed worldwide to keep a check of pollution ?
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@jstory07 (69123)
• Roseburg, Oregon
28 Feb 17
No what if you had to work you would have to drive your car. It would never work.
28 Feb 17
There is public transportation for that !!!
• Prairieville, Louisiana
28 Feb 17
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28 Feb 17
I really dont know if it really works. Some can even have two cars. So i guess the best thing is to invent something that can lessen really the pollution but make it affordable so everybody can use it and have it. How i will we can just all use a bike to go anywhere. How about you?