***MOVE ON***

New Delhi, India
February 28, 2017 9:27am CST
The world moans in Pain Tonight, The moon Craves for its dimming light, The shore has lost the roar of sea, As The last words shared amongst us ends in endless fight... Move on my people have just to say, Why spend crying in dark to waste few days, Move on as she may find another hand, Don't worry she'll have someone to take care and stand, Move on forget those days were few, Most of us have lost our Love True, Move on Life is just a game of cards, Damn it, I've Lost The One With Whom My Breadth now Starts... Move On You'll find another blue, In few weeks, of past, you'll have no clue, Move on You deserve Better one, Your Trust will Again Find its Sun, Move On there's No Gain In Tears, Be A Man, Murder All Your Fears, Move On Don't Make fun of Self, Tell us how much you've lost your wealth, Its not About how many I Left behind, Its About How I Let Her Go Just For being So Kind... But I'll rise Again Fighting All these Scars, I'll rise Again Even Above Your Standards Bar, And Then You'll Desire To Be My Side, Crawl back Here Trying To wipe the Love that's hidden Inside, That day I'll Move On, When You'll realize Whats Gone, Leave You All Alone With My Hate For rest Of Life To Moan....
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