What are your weird hobbies while mylotting?

March 2, 2017 2:32pm CST
1.I do stand on a sofa and stretch my hand on the ceiling with my smart phone to get a better reception sites. 2.I do walk in circles inside my room and in the living room while mylotting...to shake some boredom and able to read long post. 3. I ate lots of sweets, fruits, and meals while mylotting. 4. I watch Korean drama in between reading and commenting here at mylot. 5. I do my plan for the next day while thinking of the best comment I'll type in to a certain discussion. 6. I love to go to McDonald's to have a peaceful and enjoyable mylotting time. 7. I love drinking coffee while mylotting.. 8. I think of my favorite cakes while mylotting. I just don't do any house chores while mylotting. How about you, what do you do while mylotting? Come and share your funny weird stuff... God bless everyone.
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@MALUSE (42606)
• Germany
2 Mar 17
I have neither weird nor un-weird hobbies while myLotting.
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• Philippines
2 Mar 17
Ow! But thanks for dropping by. God bless.
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@salonga (27957)
• Philippines
5 Mar 17
I also do watch TV in between reading and commenting here at mylot
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@KrauseHome (35522)
• United States
11 Mar 17
I enjoy munching on snacks while myLotting. I also from time to time will watch a movie or TV program which may inspire me with something to come here and talk about,
• Shillong, India
8 Mar 17
I too always watch movies while typing somethings or writing report and even mylotting... while doing task and watching video in KMP player is the best as you can watch and relax and type but for me if the movie is in Hindi and english I do not have problem but if watch other language movie I seriously need time to watch so no multitasking Yes, I love silent place to collect my imagination and write down as i cannot work in hussy place
@reskyyandi (3689)
• Indonesia
5 Mar 17
I am trying my hobbies as normal as I can, lol