Not Worth the Time

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@Teep11 (7419)
United States
March 3, 2017 9:53am CST
Some don;t even deserve a response stupidity may be in the air and no time for the drama. There's important business to attend to. "Don't have time for the foolishness." There's so many situations which need attention and attending to dysfunctional, rude, hateful people isn't one of them. On the another stage not going to worry about people who continuously display that they don't like African Americans obvious. Some African Americans behave as if they're hating their own. The ones who are appreciative should receive the assistance. The troublemakers can stay where they are. There should be "focus on rising up" and not staying in the same position. There will always be troubled beings who have nothing better to do but cause problems for others. Don;t have to tolerate their antics. Society is so messed up and they help mess society up. By passing their mess no time. There's a lot of individuals who deserve to receive "the blessings." Troublemakers are just are nuisances who will fall because they refuse to go about business or anything else the right way. Hateful people. "Dominoes are Just Like People." By: Tanikka Paulk
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@AutumnSnow (4592)
3 Mar 17
I so completely agree with you. Some are not worth it paying attention to. For me I dont care about the person, color, race, religion, ect. to me its more important about how that person is and how they act . I have some very close friends of all nationality. If someone treats me with respect and is nice to me then I will do the same to them regardless of where they are from.
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@shaggin (41382)
• United States
3 Mar 17
I ignore anything that bothers me usually but sometimes I do tell my opinion just hoping to chow others that there is a different way to look at things.
• Agra, India
3 Mar 17
I believe in treating others the way they treat me