Kolkata, India
March 5, 2017 8:00am CST
I have seen pretty women always get advantages in almost every field! Why does this happen? What you think about this?
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• United States
5 Mar 17
We talked about this in my Courtship & Relationships class last week. The professor said that we tend to give attractive people better jobs, etc because we tend to misinterpret beauty with being smart, social, talented. We also talked about how beauty isn't in the eye the behold and we do have a universal idea of what we consider beautiful. That there is even a biological aspect to it and what we find is beautiful. A study done in England a few years ago showed that the majority of the men in the study liked women with hourglass figures better when they designed their "perfect partner" on a computer. It has been proven that women with the hourglass figure are more fertile and that men subconsciously are attracted to those women because, in the long run, they are looking for people to carry their genes on. Have you ever wondered why babies will just stare at some people's faces and not want to pull away? If you have then it is also because babies are drawn to more attractive faces.
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@AndrianK (15)
5 Mar 17
It is probably something that you notice in your surroundings but that is not actually true. Sometimes beautiful people, in general and especially women may be treated differently, but not better! Beauty is a good reason of jealousy, as well.
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@prinzcy (5057)
• Malaysia
5 Mar 17
Not really. Just pretty face alone won't do much. You still need skills.
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@sjvg1976 (18401)
• Delhi, India
5 Mar 17
I don't think so.
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@ShifaLk (8539)
• India
7 Mar 17
When I was fat, i couldn't do those things easily which I can do now, when I'm slim.(Like talking to people, joining a new job etc) Simply, it's all about confidence.
@megatron777 (3777)
• Guam
6 Mar 17
Pretty women has appeal this much is true but I'm not aware of their advantages in any field just because they happens to be pretty.