The way of least resistance

March 6, 2017 10:50am CST
Do you believe that everything in your life is going exactly the way it is supposed to? That job you missed, that promotion, that unrequited love or the love that did not materialize, that divorce, loss of someone, etc. Are these things (events) by accidents or coincidental? Although it hurt, it made you feel bad or depressed or anxious or lonely or did not feel good, yet there was a reason for these experiences and you were meant to miss them? What about those things that seem to happen by accident or coincidental like finding your soulmate at a bus stop or some stranger offering you a job or finding a long lost friend on facebook, somebody coming to your aid when you are in trouble? Do these things happen despite yourself? There was no way you could have missed them even if you wanted to? How many times have you experienced that when you don't do anything then things happen and sometimes the more effort you put into something it does not turn out the way its supposed to be? So can we live in a way where we accept what is meant to be and also accept what is not meant to be? How do you remain in the middle of these two?
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