Automotive sorcery

Brookville, Pennsylvania
March 7, 2017 9:33am CST
About twelve years ago, I had a bit of a fender-bender. It would take about a week or so for the shop to fix it up, so I got a rental car. When I filled out a thing online for it, I asked for a car in the same class as mine. When the day came, the rental place told me that they didn’t have any of that class, so they bumped me up. So for a week I drove this very nice car that, I think, was the same model as my boss’s boss drove, which was a little weird. Anyway, I got the rental car and drove a few miles to my girlfriend’s and parked. I turned the car off and was about to get out when I stopped. The radio was still playing. I sat there for ten or fifteen seconds looking from the keys in my hand, to the radio, and back again. I don’t think I said, “What sorcery is this?” but I was thinking along those lines. I turned the car back on, then off again, but the radio was still on. I figured there must have been a short, or something, so I turned the car on, turned the radio off, then turned the car off. It wasn’t until the third or fourth time I drove it I accidentally discovered the radio just shuts off when you open the door. Recently, my car – the same one – wouldn’t pass inspection. So I’m in the slow process of getting a new one. (The last time I went to look at cars, we were hit by a series of whiteout snowstorms; not really the time to be test driving cars.) Anyway, to get to where I work now, I’m borrowing my parent’s car, or sometimes my dad’s truck. Apparently, in the past decade or so the “radio stays on until the car door opens” thing is becoming more standard because that’s what my dad’s truck has. And I kind of hate driving my dad’s truck because that bugs me. Those few seconds where I’m holding the keys in my hand but the CD is still playing just makes me go, “What sorcery is this?”
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@MALUSE (42713)
• Germany
7 Mar 17
Ah, but you're an enlightened citizen of the 21st century!
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@Corbin5 (113412)
• United States
8 Mar 17
That is a bit creepy. I think my radio goes off when I turn the car off. I have not figured out why the windows in my car, only sometimes, go halfway down when I walk past it. I hate reading car manuals, but I bet there are a lot of answers in that thing!
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