Do you yawn?and why?

March 8, 2017 11:32am CST
Do you yawn?and why? In my opinion,i yawn,when I got tired. Usually when you are tired your breathing is shallower, your heartbeat is slower.And Yawning is an automatic response to bring more oxygen into your body.To stop yawning you should Run around a bit, breathe deeply for just few minutes, you will probably stop yawning.
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• Trinidad And Tobago
11 Mar 17
I yawn when my body is exhausted. And I mean exhausted. So, i don't have the energy to run. I usually take it as a sign that I should go to sleep!
@pammooratan (4678)
• India
8 Mar 17
I yawn when I have not fulfill my sleep.
• New Delhi, India
8 Mar 17
I do..but only at times
@Shavkat (65169)
• Philippines
8 Mar 17
I think we yawn because we lack oxygen in our brain. That's the reason why we need to breathe fresh air in an open area.