Did President Trump tell Tea Party conservatives, "If Trumpcare fails, I'll see that ACA fails"?

@flpoolbum (2912)
United States
March 9, 2017 4:31pm CST
If President Trump did say that, would he actually be willing to let American's suffer for political gain? Whether Trump did indeed say that will soon be revealed. Of course, his actions will speak for themselves. If Trumpcare fails, will he let the ACA fail in order to blame Democrats for it's failure. If so, how many American lives is he willing to sacrifice for the sake if vengeance? As always, I'm advising that we pay attention and watch what will happen. <
Title of this diary is stark, but it's true and we must frame our arguments in these stark terms. Donald Trump literally wants to harm Americans, by sabotaging it’s current healthcare system. Truly unbelievable. Donald Trump is a President that is...
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@redurnet (1586)
• United Kingdom
10 Mar 17
Interesting. I've heard Trump say a lot of things that aren't acceptable and yet he is getting away with saying these things. If Obama had come into office with the same attitude and saying similar comments I imagine the public response would have been more extreme. Trump comes across as someone who has had money and power and privilege his whole life and as someone who has never really needed to negotiate anything because he always had a massive sense of personal power. His attitude is childish, to say the least, a case of if I don't get what I want then I'll just trash the entire nursery.
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