Beauty with "NO" brain !!!

March 11, 2017 6:30am CST
I know! I know! It is beauty with brain. But what happenes when we meet beauty with "NO" brain? As i am from india. There are lot of indian girls like DUMB. //NO hard feelings indian girls, don't mind//. I mean they have everything, they are even rich being with beauty. but What happens to their mind bro!!? I met a girl in college. "YEah guys, she is hot. " you know what she couldn't even understands my sarcasms. why is she like this. i know you will say why are you judging all girls by one girl. Man !! i didn't judge. I know there are lot of girls who are brilient in their fields. I can give you example right now:- The ISRO(Indian space research organization) project when they sent 104 satellites with one rocket in space. they have mostly women in their team. It was just joke. I respect indian women fully. BUT what happened to the dumb beautiful girls.
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• Albania
11 Mar 17
Just see your priorities bro' . If you think that a girl should be just beautiful, just find the most beautiful girl and stay with her. If you like smart girls (like i do) try to have conversations with them and find the one that you like talking a lot, so you can tell her jokes and she will laugh, or even better, she tells you another joke. Just find out what do you like most at a girl. And i do not think that girls from other countries are smarter or dumber than indian girls. I am from Albania and i like watching indian movies, and i do like indian girls (at least indian girls at the movies :) ).
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@pammooratan (4678)
• India
11 Mar 17
They be depend on their fate.
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@reskyyandi (3689)
• Indonesia
11 Mar 17
In this era, there is many girl that have a beautifull face with dumb mind.
12 Mar 17
@reskyyandi That's correct