Do You Think Playing Games Is Beneficial or Just Time-wasting?

March 11, 2017 7:40am CST
Many friends around me are like to playing games either on phones or computers. Some of them play games whenever they have time, because they are not interested in any other things. They don't go out to meet friends, do sports, and contact fresh things. Whenever I ask "what are you doing", their anwsers will be "playing games"; whenever you ask "would you like to go for a walk", their anwsers will be "no". I think playing games can do nothing beneficial to me. It just wastes time and wasting time is equal to wasting life. I don't understand why my friends will be indulged in games. Are they really so interesting?
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@nomus24g (24902)
• India
11 Mar 17
Depends on the type of game...also at times it acts as stress buster
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@AkoPinay (10101)
• Philippines
12 Mar 17
I play games when there is no other things to do. I love to play solitaire, sudoko, etc when offline but not addicted to it. It is more beneficial than talking to myself.
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• Prairieville, Louisiana
12 Mar 17
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• Prairieville, Louisiana
12 Mar 17
Games are beneficial because they are challenging.
@reskyyandi (3689)
• Indonesia
11 Mar 17
Game is so beneficial, because it is can make stressed out
• Albania
11 Mar 17
Ofcourse that it depends on the type of game and the moment that you play. For example playing chess is good for your brain but playing chess during work time might be bad for your salary ??. Not only sports and reading are activities. Playing games might be aswell.
• Jacksonville, Florida
11 Mar 17
I think anything is okay in moderation, when it takes over your entire life it becomes a problem.
• Kolkata, India
11 Mar 17
It depends. But always it's not only wasting of times. Sometimes, playing games is good for mental health.I think we should be out from our whole day tough work schedule for some times. It makes us fresh. But it is also true that addiction to playing games is not good anyway.
• United States
11 Mar 17
it's benefical to a degree depending on what they're can build hand-eye co ordination.but nobody should be playing all day like some people do.