When you travel to another country, do you like to buy souvenirs?

March 11, 2017 1:31pm CST
Go to an new place, meet new people, different cultures, try new flavors... All this is great. So, when the trip is over, you miss the good times (which is obviously understandable)... That's when the souvenirs come in (or not... depending on the person you are). Beyond our own memories, they always remind us of the good times that we had. Some people buy them for themselves, others also buy them for family and friends. What kind of person are you when it comes to this subject?
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@JudyEv (141451)
• Bunbury, Australia
11 Mar 17
I sometimes buy a few gifts for others. I used to buy for myself but I am getting too much clutter so now I try to restrict my buying.
@Happy2BeMe (75441)
• Canada
11 Mar 17
I love visiting souvenir shops and I always pick up something. I like homemade local crafts from places I visit.
@PatZAnthony (13257)
• Charlotte, North Carolina
11 Mar 17
Not unless the souvenir is made by hand by a local person. Something stamped 'Made in China' and sold in Spain is not a souvenir.
@JohnRoberts (67101)
• Los Angeles, California
11 Mar 17
I am a sucker for souvenir store but rarely buy. Most of it is junk around the world.
• Peoria, Arizona
11 Mar 17
If I were to travel, I probably wouldn't by souvenirs, just take pictures. If there is something I liked then probably. I don't know, seems like too much clutter, I already have enough of that haha!
@ShifaLk (8581)
• India
11 Mar 17
I never visited any other country But yes in different states I love to buy things for a memory
@MALUSE (45939)
• Uzbekistan
11 Mar 17
The older I've become, the less I've bought. I don't want to collect dust-catchers which only clutter my rooms. I've reached the age that I give things away and not collect new ones.