Have you ever drunk tomato juice?

March 13, 2017 5:31pm CST
I like tomatoes (not so much, but I like ), but I didn't imagine juice was relatively good. I had taken it as a child, so I didn't remember the taste. Today I decided to try it again (by the indication of a friend) and I can say that the taste is good... Different, but good. Have you ever tried?
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@Happy2BeMe (70710)
• Canada
13 Mar
I really like tomato juice. I have a glass of it every morning.
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@louievill (16678)
• Philippines
13 Mar
Yes I love it, I like the libby's brand because that was the brand I was used to when I was a kid although I love any tomato juice.
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@Hannihar (16978)
27 Sep
This is really funny. I was at the supermarket today and I thought of getting tomato juice but did not see it. I like its tarty taste and was in the mood for it. Maybe next time.
@tzwrites (4055)
• Romania
14 Mar
I can't stand tomato juice I hate the taste and I don't know why because I like tomatoes.
@youless (87495)
• Guangzhou, China
14 Mar
I must say that most of the time I just drink orange juice. I seldom try other juices. But in the airplane I had more options. Somewhat at that time I wanted to try the tomato juice. And it tastes well. It is different from orange juice but I also like tomato juice.
@FourWalls (10747)
• United States
14 Mar
Pop the can open and stick a straw in it. I'll drink it dry. I was allergic to tomatoes when I was a kid so I'm making up for lost time every way possible now!!!
@1creekgirl (9062)
• United States
14 Mar
I really like V8 juice, but it's high in sodium. I tried the low-salt variety and it was terrible! I guess it's the salt that makes it so good!
@JohnRoberts (42328)
• Los Angeles, California
14 Mar
I don't like tomatoes at all so never drink tomato juice.
@Dena91 (3792)
• United States
14 Mar
I can our own in the summer. Mike, my husband, really enjoys it.
@JudyEv (104036)
• Bunbury, Australia
13 Mar
Tomato juice is very refreshing in the summertime.
@marguicha (82941)
• Chile
13 Mar
I like it so much that when I´m asked on a plane what do I want to drink I ask for tomato juice.
@AngelesF (252)
• Spain
13 Mar
Yes! And I like it! I drink it from time to time, mostly in summer time. Delicious!
• Peoria, Arizona
13 Mar
It is odd, I like tomatoes, I do not like tomato juice, I am not crazy about tomato soup, and I despise ketchup...I think it is all the sugar they put in the things that ruin it for me haha