Do you love music?

March 14, 2017 2:40am CST
I always listen to music during whatever I'm doing, may it be when I am working or taking a bath, cleaning my room, or dressing up. It brings me that extra energy to complete my tasks and things become lively when my playlist is playing that's why I love doing it. How about you? Do you also love music? What kind of music do you listen to?
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@ss2195 (1)
14 Mar 17
I would say , the one who does not love music is either lying or has lost their sensitiveness . Music heals your bruises, it uplifts you, it pulls those strings of creativity which lay dormant for years . That's what music does.
• Philippines
20 Mar 17
Totally agree with you, music heals the broken and helps in recovering. It uplifts you and your soul and helps us become more creative. No one could've said it better. thanks Shubham! @ss2195
@slayer08 (2361)
• Philippines
14 Mar 17
I think everybody loves music, the genres just differ from each person. Mine would be from classical music, instrumental to even rock and hip hop; it all depends on my mood. But I'm not very fond of songs these days from younger artists. I prefer the old ones and those written and sung during the 70's to early 2000's. I also agree with you. Music helps you focus and it's a great when you are doing something.
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@TessyWu (16)
• China
15 Mar 17
I think most people love music, don't they? Music is beautiful. When I'm happy, I want to listen to exciting and dynamic music while when I'm sad, maybe listen to some sentimental music. I love blues.
15 Mar 17
In my opinion music is magic. Really.. it can and it will change the mood of a person( if not others atleast to me) just like that. When you are bored, just tune to some funky beats that's it suddenly you become lively. If you are tensed/feeling lost just listen to some inspirational music, that's it you are pumped up.It is a medicine for boredom/breakups etc.
@AndyLove (126)
• Hong Kong
15 Mar 17
Of course, maybe sometimes when we listen to a song will think of someone.
@shubhu3 (14275)
• New Delhi, India
15 Mar 17
I love it too. It refreshes my soul and soothes it. I love to listen songs of adele, taylor swift and coldplay. What about you?
@Courtlynn (66576)
• United States
14 Mar 17
Same here it gets me going and work faster with it. Especially when at the gym or cleaning. But love music at all times. Country is my favorite
@Paljas (146)
• South Africa
14 Mar 17
The world "love" is not strong enough! I can't go without my music. I enjoy all genres as long as there is a story to be told. Not much into silly pop songs with no meaning. Nothing against these pop artists, just that I enjoy more serious soul-like music.
@Prshnth (945)
• Bangalore, India
14 Mar 17
i like music especially when i am travelling or about to sleep.........but sticking your headphones will make me hate music
• India
14 Mar 17
Yes music is really the best thing. It removes stress,depression,refreshes your mind. I always listen music before studying. It makes me happy and cheerful
@Ghiurchi (27)
• Beverly Hills, California
14 Mar 17
I love the music because it calms me. The music is relaxing.
@sol_cee (15900)
• Saint Vincent And The Grenadines
14 Mar 17
I am not so into music but I know someone who's crazy about it.
@tech40 (9439)
• Philippines
14 Mar 17
@BigMoney25 Yes ofcourse I also love music, because it can change our mood in less than a minute..
@carexing25 (1827)
• Philippines
14 Mar 17
music brings me to other bring positive vibes..i love music