sleep: the most effective stress buster

March 16, 2017 10:18am CST
If a person can fall asleep when he he mentally tensed, he is in heaven. If you are feeling disturbed or stressed, almost everyone who can notice that will suggest that you should try to forget the reason for the stress. However, the only way of actually doing that, I suppose, is to fall asleep. Although to fall asleep is not that easy when you are feeling stressed. Mental stress has a tendency of affect everything positive about life in a negative manner-it disturbs concentration, reduces efficiency, interferes with productivity and does not let fall asleep easily. However, it is a fact that the best way to deal with mental stress is to forget the reason, at least for a while, and the best, and probably the only, way of doing that is to be able to fall asleep. So, one should try to develop a habit of being able to fall asleep whatever the situation be and it can act as the biggest stress buster.
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@ShifaLk (8581)
• India
16 Mar 17
You're very right. I've faced that its difficult to sleep when in stress but once fell asleep, it's really relaxing. But the moment we get up, again stressed sometimes :(
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• Kuwait, Kuwait
16 Mar 17
I really like to sleep during my day off, it makes me fresh the next day.
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@reskyyandi (3688)
• Indonesia
14 Apr 17
Yeah, that is really true
• United States
16 Mar 17
Well sleep is awesome, when people actually give their body the time required; however if stress factors are too difficult to handle, sleep won't make them better while going through the emotions associated with stressors, can