What About the Proof? Means a lot

@Teep11 (7146)
United States
March 16, 2017 9:45pm CST
In the court of law the lawyers, judge, and juror will want to see and hear the proof. Proof will tell whether something is or is not. Some aren't concerned with proof. Although proof is shown and there's no denying the proof some are in denial. Can't accept that there is "The State of Credibility." Trying to create havoc but once proof and scripture is supplied there is nothing anyone can do about what the evidence shows. It's important to collect proof. Don't be dismayed when others try to take credit or claim the work of another. Some just don't care and will do just about anything to try and gain somehow. The judge is concerned about proof and so are lawyers in order to win. When there's overwhelming "proof" then there will be more winnings. Some individuals are thinking on a level of selfishness and not trying to make progress just create confusion. As long as there's the proof then one shouldn't be so concerned. The ones who claim that others are lost are lost themselves. Through all of the hardships. The "breakthroughs and abundance" will come but hold on to the proof. (PROOF) By: Tanikka Paulk
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