Is accepting charity fine or must pride be triumphant?

@Paljas (146)
South Africa
March 17, 2017 2:07am CST
This question is on my mind a lot lately as more and more people in my country are struggling financially due to unemployment, high food prices, etc. There are many people around me suffering on a daily basis as there is no one to provide for them. These people are becoming desperate and some are asking for help. These struggling people are not lazy or bad people, they are afflicted by circumstances out of their control. At the same time I see rich people looking at them with utter disgust as if these suffering people have choices. What is wrong with the human race? I see animals looking after their kind better than humans do. Should these poor & hungry people rather stick to pride & starve to death or die of untreated illnesses? What is so wrong with asking for help and accepting charity? I wish I could win a huge lotto or something, so I can open a hostel with a kitchen where I can give some of these people a safe place to sleep and something to eat.
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@tzwrites (4955)
• Romania
17 Mar 17
There is nothing wrong with asking for help. It's good to have pride and self-respect but if one is in very serious trouble it's best to ask for help.
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