Who accept you as you are?

March 17, 2017 10:03am CST
Who accept you as you are? There are times when we think why anyone could not accept us as we are? We are depressed, we feel sad. There are two points for it: One that there may be something wrong with us or another that there may be the wrong people around us. If you think that you are not wrong then don’t think about people who are not accepting you as you are, make changes as you are. There will be times when you will be isolated, there will be times when you will feel depressed about it but stand for your stands because leaders move alone with the qualities of changes “Great changes”. There is another fact about it that we always search for people who will accept us as we are but never search our home. There is a mother who will taunt you for everything but the best advices for our life comes from her heart and believe me every time her advices work. There is a father who maybe not celebrating your victory but he is the first who makes you stand after your every defeat. There is a sister and a brother who may fight with you every time but they are the first people with whom you share your secrets, they always become your shield. These all people who are always around you accept you as you are. They will make you aware when you are doing wrong, they will stand with you at your every defeat, and they will celebrate your every success. This is Family what makes us complete and they are the only ones who always accept you as you are. I love my family. Do You?
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@Kandae11 (40289)
17 Mar 17
The first thing is for you to accept who you are.
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@marguicha (100206)
• Chile
17 Mar 17
I have a lot of people who accept me as I am. And stay away from those who don´t.
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@OneOfMany (12416)
• United States
17 Mar 17
Many of people who know the real me are unable to accept me. I am a natural contradiction. If they have been raised in a religious environment, they are unable to accept what I am, because I am an impossibility to what they believe in. If what I am is true, then their entire religious perspective is false, and nothing scares them more. I am a balance. I am comprised of equal and opposite forces of good and evil. Natural and supernatural. Light and dark. Etc. I have accepted myself, and the universe has accepted me, so why should I care whether a bug called humanity accepts me? My family doesn't know the specifics that goes on in my life, but they know that I have changed recently, and they like the change (I achieved complete balance). Recently they have even accepted the things I do to make my way in the world.
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@Shavkat (65068)
• Philippines
17 Mar 17
My family will definitely accepts me for who I am.
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@Brittnyrose (1457)
• Aberdeen, North Carolina
18 Mar 17
My mother has all was accepted me and my choices I make.