How to reload old gift cards that have been maxed out.

Dallas, Texas
March 17, 2017 7:33pm CST
To reload money onto an old gift card is pretty straightforward. You must take the card to the vendor, the store that sold the card, for instance, if you have a Target or a Walmart card that has been maxed out, in other words, all of the money on it has been spent and it has a zero balance, you need only tell the cashier that the card has already been used before and it is not a new card that has never been used and that you want to know what the minimum amount is needed to put money back onto it either using your bank card, visa or debit card or cash and the cashier can easily tell you if it can be done and if so and in most cases this is possible to do as long as the magnetic strip is in good condition. I have been reloading Starbucks gift cards to about 20 dollars by either paying in cash or transferring 20 dollars from my debit card so that I can use my Starbucks gift card to continue earning Starbucks points by using it. If you want to know the exact methods you can take to re-load your gift cards, just follow the link below:
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