Does your chain hang low

Peoria, Arizona
March 18, 2017 4:06pm CST
does it wobble to the flow, does it shine in the light, is it platinum or gold? And this was the song that I was singing while crocheting today. A song that came out in 2005 by the artist Jibbs. I don't think crocheting is very gangster but man it feels good to be doing it. Today I woke up at 10am, not bad considering I was up until 4 again. I didn't have breakfast, nothing sweet sounded good so I got lunch at around noon, a delicious soft pretzel. Nothing beats that. And then I started crocheting. I am getting pretty close to finishing the front of this pillow. I am super excited. I kind of want to finish it today so I will probably be crocheting even when I am watching the livestream Late Night With Cry and Russ. I normally play video games while the livestream is going, but I am just so excited for this pillow, if I feel up to it then I will just crochet through out the night. Unless I get a headache or something. It is pretty warm today. and being buried under yarn does not help that at all. I hope you are enjoying your weekend!
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