@sissy15 (5187)
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March 19, 2017 12:34am CST
It's funny, my son collects all of the McDonald's toys and all of the other miscellaneous small toys he loves that I consider junk, and I don't understand how he loves playing with these pieces of junk, and then I remember my own childhood. I remember all of the toys that instantly bring back nostalgia that my parents also thought were junk. Even now, I may understand that those things were kind of weird toys, but I still don't find them to be junk. I remember my pog collection, my McDonald's and BK toys, and all of those other little 90s toys that my parents just didn't get why I loved playing with, with great fondness. We have this retro gaming shop here that I love going to because they also sell old McDonald's toys and other various 90s memorabilia. If I had the money I could probably buy them out. I love that my son is into all of the retro stuff. Every time we go there he begs to buy a new toy of some kind. Anything ghostbusters related, TMNT, Power Rangers, etc. He loves it all. I plan on taking him to see the new Power Rangers movie that's supposed to come out. I used to love that show as a kid. I love that I can share those things with my son, that being said, though, I don't understand how he loves some of the stuff he loves, but I do understand that his weird obsession with the grocery gang, is like my obsession with collecting pogs, his McDonald's toy obsession is much like mine was at his age. We don't have to understand it, we just have to accept it. He will look back later at the toys I consider junk with fondness much the same way I look back at the toys my parents considered junk with fondness. Each generation has the toy that seems to be the equivalent of a toy we loved and grew up with. The funny thing is that he plays with his McDonald's toys more frequently than he plays with some of the other more expensive toys he has. He likes using his imagination, and I guess some of those toys allow him to do that. It's funny how nostalgia works, the toys we played with, and the TV shows we watched could be the most ridiculous things, and we still remember them with fondness. Looking back at some of my favorite movies and TV shows as an adult, they just aren't as great as I once remembered them. I watched Woody Woodpecker as an adult, and it just wasn't the same, nor was Peter Pan with Mary Martin. I will say Tiny Toons, Bobby's World, TMNT, and Talespin are just as great now as they were then. I haven't seen Captain Planet, Darkwing Duck, or DuckTales in years to know whether they were as good as I remember, but I don't doubt it. I also know they're coming out with a new DuckTales, and I feel like they're messing it up. Honestly, when I think 90s TV I think of some of the best TV that ever existed, but I might be biased. Both Peter Pan with Mary Martin, and Woody Woodpecker were older, and I found they weren't as good now that I'm an adult. I was never a big Tom and Jerry fan, but I loved Tom and Jerry kids when I was younger, my son is now obsessed with everything Tom and Jerry related. He loves most older shows, even more than he does the newer stuff. At any rate, my son has his own obsessions and while some of them are older and I understand those better, I know that the newer things he loves will still be something he relates to his childhood much the same way I relate a lot of things to my childhood.
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@jstory07 (62366)
• Roseburg, Oregon
19 Mar 17
My kids passed all of their toys down to their kids. And their kids really love those toys.
@sissy15 (5187)
• United States
19 Mar 17
I don't have any of my old McDonald's toys, but I have passed a few of my toys down to my son, and he loves them.
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