Stop the "Madness"!

United States
March 19, 2017 9:44am CST
I am NOT a basketball fan - I used to go to games when I was in school but more for the social element than the game. The only time I ever watched on television was when Michael Jordan was playing and then it was only to watch him because he was just so incredible. There is a certain "Madness" that overtakes the airwaves every March, disrupting normal viewing schedules and seems to be the topic in more than a few social media discussions. Honestly, I could do without it. I wish they would confine the games to ESPN or other sports-orientated channels and let the rest of the non-basketball watching world continue undisturbed. Now, I know that I have a better chance of finding an actual "Stairway to Heaven" or even that famed "Highway to Hell" but I can dream. Right? There is just too much money to be had for the networks and NCAA to give up network coverage - I think you would sooner see World Series games being played in the afternoon, like in the days when I was growing up! So, what do you think? Are you part of the "Madness" or are you tired of it, like I am?
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