My Philosophical Journey - Part 1

March 20, 2017 5:12am CST
so, I am often asked if I write any legit literature, and my short answer is often "no". words hold power, and i do not hold the level of mastery that i feel is required to share knowledge in that manner. when I write, it is often aimless, and without true purpose or point, such as writing a book. so here's a story describing my journey of self awakening. it has been wrapped up in metaphor and symbolism, but the point is there nonetheless. I'm not sure exactly how philosophical this is, but it's deep. so, please, enjoy, and keep an open mind! Often, I close my eyes and peer into the depths of my Abyss. with my eyes that are not eyes at all, I see a faint glow in the distance. the glow is red and yellow, blue and violet. The light is like unto fire, yet I can feel no warmth. As i peer into the glow, I see it begin to slowly grow in size. I realize that I am approaching it, walking with feet that are not feet, drawn to it by a force unseen. Closer, closer, closer....I feel drawn to it, and soon, the light is close enough for me to see the shadows that it casts. these shadows, creatures born of the Abyss, dance at the Furthest edges of the light, always remaining at the corner of my sight, never in full focus. TO BE CONTINUED.
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21 Mar 17
In suspended animation again...