September 8, 2006 11:19am CST
this a good opportunity 2 both students&retired jobers to earn money &serve our COUNTRY & also to make COUMPUTER AWARNESS. First u look at thir web site www.ebizel.com .if u rstisfied by this i will tell abt the procedure. before i never known abt this .one my seniour friend in delhi ,who studying IIT,joined in the first year of B.Tech .At the end of 4th year he gifted his parents ACCENT CAR &HE BOUGHT HONDA CITY&he earned 10,00,000/annum in first now he is earning a lot. in VIT 2,000 had joined this .first i feared abt this but later competation of joining has been increased .so i joined . as u r a elder person u may have many friends,collegues,relatives. so, u can join. i will say abt the process (a) --it is me,i joined under my seniour then i must have 3 legs / | (b) (c) / \ / \ (d) (e) (f) (g) /\ / \ /\ / \ (h)(i) (j) (k) (l) (m) (n) (o) like this chain must continue ,it must be in 2:1 ratio.u must join by paying 7,296/- then u will become a member.then u can join ur's like i mentioned above. think u r 'a' suppose u joined b,c &d or e or f or g,,,, u will get 2,000/- per joining of every 3 members.after joining of 9 members u wil get totally 6,000/- Now u will not alone work all the 9 members will work so company must pay 4 them also so they will pay u 3,000/ 9 members .after 45 members u will totally get 18,000/-.addition to them join 5 members then it will become 50 members then u will get 18,000/- bonus & than for every 50 members company will give 20,000/- bonus. u think that u joined 2 members they will join 2 meembers like this chin will be continued .per month if every one joins 2 members u will get 24,00,000/- that no body will expect. u think that what will be the surity ,u see our P.M is also a member in this.while sending 7,296/- we will send DEMAND DRAFT only thre is no problem i hope u will join this........... Let's demystify the web. There has been so much of hype and media attention on dot-com businesses that the real driving force behind the internet revolution has been forgotten. In a bid to generate high valuations, unrealistic business plans and revenue models were rushed through, and it required the bubble to burst to bring everyone down from cloud nine. Behind the buzzwords and hype of e-commerce, B2B, B2C was the undeniable fact - the internet has always been a powerhouse of information, the sum total of information that is available to mankind. The information super highway is here to stay. Dot Com's may become Dot Gone's. But viable business models, sound business proposals with dedicated management and workforce to implement them, will never fail. It's time now to reconsolidate and align with the winners, and then ride the wave, as it starts to rise again. The opportunity that eBIZ.com Pvt. Ltd. is bringing forth is with this aim in mind. You would join a unique program that would: Give you access to online education and course material prepared by experts, presented in a graphical, easy to learn format. Help you to learn to build your own web-site for your family or business using eBIZ Web Builder on 35 MB of web space hosted for one year. Enable you to test yourself and earn certificates. Provide other features like CD ROM containing indispensable software's, training courses and utilities (only for Indian associates). Give your family a befitting presence on the net. Give your business an edge over competition by using this powerful medium. Remain in touch, wherever in the world you go, let geography be history! To top it all up, the user-friendly site builder makes all this a breeze, and watch your little son or daughter create a site in minutes!!! Do you still carry a visiting card that does not have an e-mail address? : Join ebizel.com today. Is your business closed after office hours? Create an online presence, and operate 24x7: Join ebizel.com today. Is the Information Age passing you by, are you yet to learn how to harness the power of computers and the internet? : Join ebizel.com today. Are you skeptical about E-Commerce? : Join ebizel.com today. What is the product? eBIZ offers the following Self Learning Educational Packages: eBIZ Educational and Web Package eBIZ Educational Package Free eBIZ Educational Package eBIZ Educational and Web Package worth's much more than its cost. We always try to add more features, services and products. For buying eBIZ Educational and Web Package pay Rs. 7296 for a year, which includes cost of eBIZ Educational and Web Package Rs.5500, annual maintenance charge of Rs.1000, 12 % service tax and 2 % Cess Charge on Service Tax to Govt. of India. In US $ 172 (Package cost US $ 130 + annual maintenance charge of US $ 31 + handling charges US $ 11 ). eBIZ Educational and Web Package consists of the following: Personalized, self-replicating ebizel website Online tutorials of the following computer courses. Some of the important courses are offered in various regional, national and international languages: Introduction to Internet Surfing Windows 98 Windows ME / XP Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft Power Point Hardware Visual Basic C Language Microsoft Access C++ An Object Oriented Language SQL A Database Language FORTRAN A Computational Programming Language Microsoft Front Page HTML A Hypertext Markup Language Macromedia Flash Tally PageMaker For self evaluation of e-learning on these courses, we offer online testing and evaluation Online language learning tutorial: Punjabi Also for development of your own website, we offer: The 35 MB web space hosted for a period of one year eBIZ Web Builder to develop your website And many bonus features, like: Links to search engines Free e-Mail account Technical support and customer support And for those who choose to become associates, there is: Online detailed genealogy Online e-Daily news Post and view meetings FAQ's Offline educational courses and software on CD (Only for Indian associates) Personalized domain name (With extra cost) And lots more to come... Note: We are in the process of imparting continuous computer education even to the people who have somehow been deprived of acquiring it, so we keep modifying and adding new courses all the time. eBIZ Educational Package consists of: (Rs.1684 inclusive all taxes) Computer courses: Introduction to Internet Surfing Windows 98 Windows ME / XP Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft Power Point Hardware Visual Basic C Language Microsoft Access C++ An Object Oriented Language SQL A Database Language FORTRAN A Computational Programming Language Online testing and evaluation Offline educational courses and software on CD (Only for Indian paid students) Free eBIZ Educational Package consists of: (No cost) Compulsory computer courses: Introduction to Internet Surfing Windows 98 Windows ME / XP Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft Power Point Hardware Online testing and evaluation 8th June 2001 – a date that millions of eBIZ.com Pvt. Ltd. associates worldwide will celebrate as the day this revolutionary company was born, to deliver them essential computer education, the ability to harness the power of the internet and the financial freedom to those who intend to acquire it. eBIZ.com Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated on 8th June 2001 vide certificate of Incorporation No u72200DL2001PTC111183 under the Companies Act, 1956 (No-1 of 1956). Successful network marketing leaders and gurus, who have achieved phenomenal success in the field, with rich experience of more than eight years, have been instrumental in making this opportunity a reality. These leaders have already helped thousands of families around the world, to realize their dreams. The sheer grit and determination of these leaders, to make the world a better place to live in, is the driving force behind the venture. Education for the masses will be the chariot, on which prosperity will ride and arrive. Mission of the Company The mandate for the company is to make many of the deserving and deprived people of the world computer literate within 10-15 years by using our e-Educational Packages and to provide a means of good quality of life for thousands of willing Associates through our computer literacy program of Learning and Earning at the same time. To educate people of all ages, in the use of computers, help them to reap benefits from the vast powerhouse of information – the Internet. To enable them to build their own websites, using our user-friendly web-site building tools. To enable them to earn through the Internet by learning through our e-Educational Packages and helping others to do the same. Vision of the Company To become the best network marketing company of the world by touching millions of people around the globe, by providing essential computer education, quality products and services at very reasonable and affordable costs, to
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25 Aug 11
Hi karthik there is another one like this www.viewbestads.com.Register here with referral id 587734. You will get benefited as well as I too.How means directly you can have only three under you all other direct referrals will be under my down line
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8 Dec 07
Good Post have a look at http://www.ebizfansclub.com (Meeting place of all eBIZers)
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3 Jan 07
where are u from ,iam also associate, dont post it in public we will action up on u.
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25 Oct 06
well i think u r not able to make other understand in this manner and u wont be able to satisfy them....so it wud be better if u dont do these stuffs openly as it comes to the repo and stake of our company
@nanhegujral (4634)
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19 Oct 06
hey i don't believe in any such stuff becuase i know this is nothing but a pure mlm.
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23 Sep 06
i will see
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8 Sep 06
ok right i will send mail to sushvanth