The safe food to eat in Indian Dhabas

@shivamani10 (11200)
Hyderabad, India
March 23, 2017 10:48pm CST
Eating out has become inevitable nowadays as most of the couple do not have time to prepare food at home during office hours. The holidays they get once in a week are meant for taking rest and to spend some time with their children. The office routine, the rush of work in the office, catching the bus with running, taking care of the children till they get into their school bus etc., make their life with hectic regular activity. The holidays they get are therefore have become days of rest to spend their time outside their home going to a movie, taking a long drive and eating in a restaurant. While it comes to the point of eating in a restaurant we should always remember that in Hyderabad there are many Dhaba which have come up during these days and most of them are located on the outskirts of the city. Hence, taking a long drive during evening spending some time in the open areas and visiting these Dhabas has become a regular thing for most fo the families. But, while taking food items in these Dhabas one should be very careful as though most of them are well maintained the question of maintaining the stuff prepared already differs. Hence, one should make out a list of items that can be ordered in these Dhabas. Raw food like Salad, they may be washed with contaminated water, and strored for long hours. Better we take little bit care in ordering this stuff. It will be difficult to see the freshness of the dishes having paneer in them. If the paneer becomes stale it becomes difficult to notice it. Always avoid drinking water in these Dhabas unless they are coming from a water tap. Water bottles supplied in these Dhabas are neither original nor are they mineral. Always take care not to order for water separately. Even if you want, order for a regular water and never order a chilled one. Items like Rajma, Chawl, Roti, Kadi (highly safe as it can not be preserved) are the best items for ordering as there are little chances for these items from getting spoiled. Boiled items and fried items may be ordered after seeing and observing as to how many have ordered them in their eating. Tea, Coffee, and milk are always safe and are prepared nicely in these Dhabas. Anybody can have them comfortably.
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• United States
25 Mar 17
I know I would need such a list if I were to travel there. Thank you!
@megatron777 (3777)
• Guam
24 Mar 17
All the foods look yummy and tasty in the picture.