Living In The City

Bridgton, Maine
March 24, 2017 3:11pm CST
My whole life, I've lived in the countryside. I lived the first eleven years in a small town in Rhode Island, United States. And since then, I've lived in rural Maine, United States. Recently, I've been thinking about moving to Portland, Maine. It's a small city. But it's big enough, so their is a lot to do there. For the last couple of years, I've walked around Portland a lot. It's a nice city, in my opinion. One positive for me is that if I lived in downtown Portland, I might be able to get away with not having to own a vehicle since everything is right there. However, it's not safe to walk around Portland at night due to crime. And the crime rate in Portland is higher than it is in rural Maine. That could be a problem for me, as I want to feel safe in a city that I'm living in. For those who have lived in a city as well as in the countryside, what do you think about living in the city? Did you like it or not?
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@Raelove (17597)
• Saco, Maine
24 Mar 17
I've lived in southern Maine all my life, in the Biddeford-Saco-Sanford area. In 1999, I moved to the small hamlet of Lyman, where I was right in the woods. Idyllic! I lived in Lyman one other time after that, near a pond. Again, idyllic. I spent a lot of time in Portland when I was in college, but I wouldn't want to live there. It's a bit too busy for me. I'm in Saco right now, which isn't far from where you are, and I like it just fine.
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@ricki_911 (19868)
• Toronto, Ontario
24 Mar 17
I have always live in the country side and how calm peaceful it is. But the convenient of the city is nice.
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@hillhjill (5449)
• United States
24 Mar 17
I like both for different reasons I like the country side because of the openness of it and your away from the sounds of town.. and I like the city because of the stores and things to do.. I use to live close to Springfield IL and the crime rate was up there and I would never walk at night if I was by myself.
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@marlina (77995)
• Canada
16 Apr
I love both.
@delhshop (773)
25 Mar 17
did not live it the countryside but visited the area i like it alot, you can relax eat great food and enjoy fresh air and meat with awesome people, the city on the other hand too busy to talk to any body, all in a hurry, so noisy, but everything is around you all the fun and malls, can not really say which is better both have good and bad side
24 Mar 17
I love living in the city, it's my perfect lifestyle.