March 25, 2017 5:47am CST
Ever felt like you didn't really know whether you were coming or going? When you were in college have you ever spent more time looking for a pen or pencil than you did studying? How about driving up to the window at a drive- thru, after paying for your order you then just drove off without your food ; or stopped for gas, paid the attendant and 5 exits down the freeway realized you had forgot your gas? Or better yet,how about you pumped your gas and forgot to hang up the nossel before driving off? Certain incidents such as these have to really make someone wonder just where thier head is at. Here's another one ; do you regularly loose things without having even gotten up from the place you were sitting, and never ever see it again? Ok have you ladies ever burnt your literal eyeball with a curling iron? I mean who does that? I wonder how many people have to wear their car keys around their necks hanging from an old shoe string so they wont loose their keys. Do socks ever match? I hate to think I am the only person who has experienced any of these things.I mean there must someone out there whocan relate to what I am talking about. Habits like these can be quite annoying to say the least sending a person right over the edge. For me this is a condition that sometimes drives me completely mad. Unfortunately my absent mindnedness or what ever it is called can really cause a lot of problems.I can't understand how I loose everything! the more I try to fix it the worse I get! EEEEEEEEHHHHH GGGAAADDSSS! Not to mention be quite costly to say the least. You would think mistakes that end up being expensive would be mistakes that never happen twice! SO YOU WOULD THINK right? Here's one, after making a commitment to pick your niece up from school, you look at your watch and you remember you have to pick her up but you are 1 hour and a half late. So my excuse....... could it be Im stuck somewhere between here and nowhere? The thing is that there are so many places in between here and nowhere? Question is am I nowhere headed here or here and headed nowhere? If you are reading this tell us what some of the stupid things you have done are. There has to be someone out there that has done stupider things than this..
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25 Mar 17
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