Why does LGBT Community Use a Rainbow?

United States
March 28, 2017 12:53am CST
I know some of our fellow mylotters are possibly from the LGBT community. I have no problem with this at all but I am a little confused. Why is the symbol for the LGBT community represented by a rainbow? I don't think that it's fair if I go anywhere near a rainbow now, someone might mistake me for being a lesbian.
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@flpoolbum (2876)
• United States
28 Mar 17
@Stacysdeadright ~I don't know but I wished they would have chosen a different symbol. I like rainbows, now if you have a rainbow candle, people assume that you are gay.
• Banks, Oregon
28 Mar 17
That's not true at all, people in the LGBT community are not judgemental so no one cares if a straight person uses a rainbow, and if you are so concerned about people thinking you are a lesbian it would not be because you have a rainbow on something, in fact it actually shows you support the LGBT community not that you yourself are LGBT.... And i believe the Rainbows representing LGBT have to do with the famous song Somewhere Over The Rainbow sung by Judy Garland whom is one of the biggest LGBT Icons who also was no gay, in fact gay people used to tell other gay people that they we're a friend of dorothy while in the military it was code for being gay, as they did not want to be found out.
@moirai (2243)
• Philippines
28 Mar 17
Hmm... I'm not a member of the LGBT community but I will hazard a guess here... Perhaps, because traditionally, blue is for boys, and pink is for girls, lgbt uses rainbow to show diversity? That is my guess. Let's wait for someone in the know to provide a more accurate answer.