Do you think astrology really works?

September 8, 2006 11:50am CST
Do you read your horoscope everyday? Does it helps?
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• India
12 Dec 06
yes . no it doesnt help.
@ssh123 (31100)
• India
9 Sep 06
I really do not believe it. How can a person tell your fate on the basis of position of zodiac sign which keeps changing every now and then. Take for example CANCER There will be millions of Cancerians in the world. What the astrologer is saying about cancer is applicable to one of them, ten of them, 100 of them? 1000 of them. This is out of curiosity and academic interest only, we look at them. Some things said by astrologer may proved to be correct. For example, the astrologer says: Money gain. It will not tell how much money you gain. It can 10$, 100$, 1000$, 1 million dollars. Even if you get 10$ on that day, you will conclude that the Astrology has worked.
• Thailand
9 Sep 06
I do not read horoscopes every day, instead I read tarrot every day, which seems to be a better combination of all the methapysics that interests those on a spiritual journey. Being psychic turned out to be such a normal attribute,but dormant due to societies race to material gain. All of these gifts are with in our grasp..we just need to centre and ground our selves again, make a space just for our selves each day and tapping into the source of al that is will become more spontanous. How about you? What methods do you use as guiglines on your path?