Why we should not use a public toilet?

Kolkata, India
April 1, 2017 1:38pm CST
Using public toilet is risky. Your hands are hospitable to bacteria if you visit any public toilet. Usually, toilets do harbor yeast populations at the bowls. It is even possible for it to spread to the genitals. Our body parts are vulnerable and hence people are likely to get genital herpes from toilet seats. E.coli also flourishes in public toilets.
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@MALUSE (34525)
• Denmark
1 Apr
You should always cover the seat with tissue before you sit down.
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• Kolkata, India
1 Apr
You are absolutely right.
@JolietJake (45499)
• Olney, Illinois
1 Apr
It's unlikely you would get genital herpes or a similar infection from a toilet seat.
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@Shavkat (50202)
• Philippines
2 Apr
I think it is applicable for women to take the risk of using a public toilet. For men, I think it is less risk to take.
@Kuttu_007 (1012)
• India
2 Apr
If the toilet is maintained and sanitized properly then we can use it without fear...