It's Tanikka Paulk and I'm Still Blessed

@Teep11 (7280)
United States
April 3, 2017 9:27pm CST
Some may think a person is so bothered by their antics but of course some of what they're doing can be annoying but on the other hand very funny. When there are a lot of people who want to annoy a person that means there's something the person has they're seeking. Why ever would so many want to bother Tanikka Paulk? With all of the mishaps I'm still moving along. No matter what others have to say it's always about the what is. Not about the gibberish they're spilling out. A lot of the drama occurs when individuals are trying to gain a person's attention. Smile and keep on moving because there's so many other situations which should gain the attention. A lot of people are like babies and will whine when they're not getting their way. For some they'll have to do certain things in order to function. Sometimes we should just "laugh" because there will be some very funny things going on just wait and see. For some it may quite fun to try and get on a person's nerves. The best thing to do is find something that will put on of the drama on backstreet. Aren't we all suppose to enjoy ourselves. There will be some who just don't know how to stop being childish. There are ways to let the persons know that the toddler behavior isn't accepted. "All in all I'm Still Blessed no Matter how Many Storms Arise. There's Hope." By: Tanikka Paulk Pointing Up!
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