Ugh yeast infection

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@ShyBear88 (18148)
United States
April 4, 2017 4:12am CST
This finest happen often but when it does it drives me crazy. I have a freaking yeast infection. The sorest I've had since that one time when I was pregnant with my second baby. Here I am up all night only got an hour of sleep and a world of things to do tomorrow. I'm at my wits ends. I have used my wipes little to no relief for me poor lady parts. Then I sprayed some of my ichy and burning stuff yes in my lady parts. I think helps a small amount but not enough to let me sleep. So I'm trying this home remedy of using Apple Cider Vinegar. It know it can help in a lot of ways in enteral. I heated up a small blow of water with some apple cider vinegar in it. Just lightly put one end of a towel in the blow after I heated in the Microwave. I dapped that at my lady parts to see if it helps. Then pat dry. IF I had the time today I would go to the store and pick up something but I don't. I have 4 kids to care for today and taking one to a hearing test at the same time my husband has to be at the asthma doctor. I hope 3 don the kids can be quite long enough for the 4 kid to do there hearing test. Wish me luck!
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@slayer08 (2361)
• Philippines
4 Apr 17
Palin yoghurt to apply directly to your intimates is good. As weird as rhis may sound washing often will only lead to more serious burning sensation and itch. Don't wear tight pants or leggings and make sure you wash using a mixture of organic vinegar and water. Give it a full day. Then you should be good. Refrain from using wipes or anything to clean your lady parts. The thing about yeast infection is that the normal flora of your skin down there was disturbed. So you need good bacteria that can fight the bad ones off. Don't use soap and water okay?
• Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
4 Apr 17
Try eating more yogurt, this helps me. Also you can apply the plain kind directly on the itch.