Waking up to him was great

Peoria, Arizona
April 4, 2017 10:31am CST
Oh...oh you thought that I was with someone? ...oh that is cute. Nah, like I would be with someone. Phss! I am talking about my main man, Cryaotic! Cryaotic is a streamer and he plays video games, he likes to do streams of where he edits video game videos that he will be posting on his youtube channel. He started streaming at around 2 something AM here, so it was 5 something where he is. And I was like, okay, I normally fall asleep to his videos, I can always fall asleep to his stream. And so I did, cannot remember when I fell asleep, but he was in the midst of editing. Then the most wonderful thing happened! I woke up to Cry, he was still streaming. I got to wake up to Cry. Always my favorite thing. I am about to go work out, and then shower. And then I am going to go hades blazin' on some scripts today. My goal is to finish the 6th script, if I can get more done, I will be super happy! But I do not want to get ahead of myself. Alrighty people, see ya'll when I am a puddle of sweat.
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@Orson_Kart (4487)
• United Kingdom
5 Apr 17
I thought you were talking about Mr Poe
• Peoria, Arizona
5 Apr 17
Haha no, my alpaca stuffie is using him.
• Philippines
5 Apr 17
I missed the exercise, if only I could wake up earlier.
• Peoria, Arizona
5 Apr 17
I am forcing myself to wake up. The first time I wake up in the morning, I have to sit up and just wake up.
@RasmaSandra (19750)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
4 Apr 17
Well good luck to you on your work.
• Peoria, Arizona
5 Apr 17
Thank you!
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