Favored utensils

Brookville, Pennsylvania
April 5, 2017 10:39am CST
I’d say it’s very likely that when my parents were married they received a set a silverware. But over the decades with kids and time and everything, I’m not sure how much – if any – of that original set is still around. And with yard sales and bizarre occurrences, today we have a motley collection of silverware. Some match but there are also several one-offs. For example, there is one fork that is marked with a name of a hotel chain. How it ended up in our silverware drawer, I have no idea. This hotel fork is noticeable because it is thicker and heavier than most of the other forks. As such, I prefer using it. About a week ago we had steak and I ended up with one of the regular, thinner forks and I was almost afraid I’d bend it trying to cut off a piece. Something I’ve never worried about with the heavier forks. We also have heavier spoons we got thirty years ago where you sent in so many cereal box tops and a dollar for shipping and handling and got a spoon with the cereal mascot on it. I really like them, not just because they’re sturdier, but because the spoon bit is round, not oval. It feels like I get a bigger spoonful when using them. As for knives I don’t have a preference, since spreading butter on toast isn’t all that taxing. So, do you have any favored utensils?
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@marguicha (100461)
• Chile
5 Apr 17
I was given a set of silverware for daily use when I got married. It was for 6 people but there´s only one fork left after over 50 years. It is my favorite for kitchen use and also when I´m alone at home.
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