Maybe today won't be a bad day!

Peoria, Arizona
April 5, 2017 12:28pm CST
I woke up at 8 something, cannot remember exactly when and the first thing I wanted to do was watch the first episode of Boruto: The Next Generation, it is the new series from Naruto. I actually forgot that it came out today, but I watched it and I have today it was absolutely adorable, but more about that another time. Then I wanted to start gathering yarn for later tonight when I go over to my grandma's for our little crochet club we are starting. I am thinking I kind of want to make the dolls from my graphic novel I am making. I think that would be cool! I just have to find more of my black yarn. I know I have some, somewhere, but I am not the most organized person when it comes to my yarn. Meanwhile, there are like 5 different colors of yarn on my bed...and some how I do not get entangled in them when I sleep. Alright! While gathering the yarn I go very upset though, I could not find my yarn needle. My yarn needle, even though it is mean to me (It likes to stab me) is precious to me. Because I only have one. And I could not find it! I put it with my crochet hooks, it is happy in there, but I guess it wanted to go somewhere else, because I could not find it anywhere. I was moving everything, trying to be gentle so I do not fling it somewhere and it be gone forever. I was looking in the abyss, aka, the side of my bed. It was no where. I distictively remember putting it in the package with white yarn so if I lost it, I would just look for white yarn. Nope, nothing. About to get up and look for it, I was putting Mikey, my panda stuffie aside so he doesn't get buried (heh...bear...bearied...I'll shut up now) and I see a teal color and bam, there was my needle. I crammed that sucker in the package so it does not fall out again. I guess today won't be so bad! Things are looking up!
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• Defuniak Springs, Florida
5 Apr 17
I bet you're excited to go see your grandma and start knitting with her tonight.
• Newport, Rhode Island
5 Apr 17
It makes a HUGE difference to appreciate the small things. Here's to having a great day!