Would you like to stay forever young?

April 6, 2017 11:17pm CST
Millions of people struggle daily against time and gravity in a variety of ways. Something that in general is always expensive or very expensive (ranging from simple medications to complex surgical procedures). Do you think this is worth it? Would you dare to stay young forever? I think if God has created a chronological time for us... It's impossible to fight forever against it.
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7 Apr 17
Nope. I'd like to experience life the way it has been given to us by nature. :)
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@Hannihar (38218)
20 Dec
Yes, I would like to be young forever.
@Courtlynn (65495)
• United States
8 Apr 17
Yes, and no. Yes because i dont want to get old and die. But no because i want to have more kids and then have grandkids.
@OreoBrownie (3640)
• Elberton, Georgia
7 Apr 17
I want to age gracefully instead of staying young. I don't want to miss out on living.
@else34 (13606)
• New Delhi, India
7 Apr 17
Despite wrinkles on my face and whole body,if I can think,act and laugh like a young man,I'm young.Body can't remain young for ever.Why should I wish for something that can't be had?
@JudyEv (126354)
• Bunbury, Australia
7 Apr 17
It's okay to eat sensibly and exercise but I'm against having complex medical procedures to try to stop the ageing process.
@manasamanu (3731)
• Bangalore, India
7 Apr 17
Yes I would love to but not with artificial ways. As you said it's impossible to fight against time. But staying young is not from your age, skin or something else. But staying younger from your heart. So be what you are and be happy.
@youless (92268)
• Guangzhou, China
7 Apr 17
I don' tknow whether it is a good idea to see people who are around you getting older and older but you still stay young. Besides, I will never consider to have a plastic surgery to stay young. It can be risky.
• Banks, Oregon
7 Apr 17
I don't think i would because i feel like we all have to experience life and i hope i live to be a very very old man.
• Calgary, Alberta
7 Apr 17
Hell yes! it will give me enough time to pursue different fields. Idont care about losing loved ones because I dont age as I am more of a loner. I desire eternal Youth so badly.
@Shavkat (63449)
• Philippines
7 Apr 17
I think there is no alteration of our body to stay young. I would love to enjoy my aging process.
@sharon6345 (131130)
• United States
7 Apr 17
If they made a pill for that to happen. I would do almost anything to get it. I am feeling my age more than I look it. I was limping in here do to my hip hurting me. I would hate to grow old and need more help. I am 47 with a home health aide. How awful.