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April 9, 2017 6:49pm CST
There was a writer who made a good point. The writer said, "Instead of Testing People Just do a Google Search." People Consist of all races. The writer was referring to the challenges some are producing when it comes to Tanikka Paulk. Some are impersonating Tanikka Paulk and there is identity theft. How can a person pretend to be another when they're totally different. Different names, ages, and one has one child and the other 5? Seems odd. Some may be desperate but what's puzzling is there is overwhelming proof Tanikka Paulk is actually the writer and blogger. Here's a link to Google Tanikka Paulk 3 hours ago - BY: Tanikka Paulk To Defend, Speak, and Stand Firm. What's the deal? Well some may not be concerned with their actions and no matter what will continue as long as they're allowed to do so. If person claims to be another then will come a time when they'll prove to be who they've claimed to be. A lot of people have been impersonated and also experienced the long battle to rectify identity theft. The law can reveal who the person or persons are. Why do some choose to pretend, impersonate, or take over another person's identity? There could many reasons. Some may be trying to hide the hidden secrets which are kept. Not even considering putting their freedom at risk and others. Just continuing on with the antics but Google will display the information and photos. "Google" "No Matter how one Pretends to be Another. There is no way They're Actually be who They're Pretending to be." By: Tanikka Paulk I'm Tanikka Paulk and can be Located on Google and Other Search Engines.
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