I will say it now! Short but sweet!

@garymarsh6 (14732)
United Kingdom
April 11, 2017 5:58pm CST
I am off and away now for a few days so this is the last opportunity I will have to wish each and every one of you a very Happy Easter. I am going to work tomorrow and then heading straight to the airport where I will stay overnight and then I am off on Thursday morning to Italy. I will be back next week and hopefully have something to say about my trip! Have a great time and don't eat all that chocolate in one go!
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• Lenox, Georgia
11 Apr 17
I hope you have a wonderful trip! =) Be safe and enjoy!
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@JudyEv (141002)
• Bunbury, Australia
12 Apr 17
Have a wonderful time away. How lovely to just be able to hop on a plane and be in Italy so quickly.
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@Inlemay (17164)
• South Africa
15 Apr 17
I think it is wonderful that you are in Italy over the Easter period. It must be fascinating. Cannot wait to hear about your travels.
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@PatZAnthony (13234)
• Charlotte, North Carolina
14 Apr 17
Hope your trip to Italy is a good one! We hope to be there again next year.
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@TRBRocks420 (85671)
• Banks, Oregon
11 Apr 17
Happy Easter and, enjoy your trip to Italy.
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@just4him (132105)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
27 Apr 17
Oh darn, now you tell me. I ate the whole bunny over the course of about an hour.
• United States
22 Apr 17
Misses this one Gary, but hope you had a very blessed and Happy Easter too. Ours was quiet but thats nice.
@jstory07 (72217)
• Roseburg, Oregon
19 Apr 17
I hope you had a nice Easter. I got a big chocolate bunny with long ears to eat first.
@Tampa_girl7 (27407)
• United States
19 Apr 17
I hope you had a safe and fun trip
@rebelann (43530)
• El Paso, Texas
12 Apr 17
Sometimes I wish I lived somewhere in Europe, then I'd be able to travel to all those places I hear so much about. Happy Easter to you as well.
• United States
12 Apr 17
Happy Easter and have a great time in Italy
@Kandae11 (40339)
12 Apr 17
I think I am small enough to fit in your suitcase. Have a great trip.
@Gillygirl (17623)
• Sutton, England
12 Apr 17
Have a brilliant holiday Gary. Look forward to reading about it. Happy Easter.
@LadyDuck (187670)
• Switzerland
12 Apr 17
It seems that the weather will stay sunny and warm in Tuscany Gary. Have a safe trip and enjoy your short vacation.
@Nawsheen (22922)
• Mauritius
12 Apr 17
Enjoy your holiday in Italy. Happy Easter
• China
12 Apr 17
Hope you enjoy your trip! I have learnt some about Venice through your posts and can't wait to read the posts about the other parts of Italy.
@sharon6345 (147161)
• United States
12 Apr 17
wonderful. Have a blessed trip.
@OreoBrownie (3653)
• Commerce, Georgia
12 Apr 17
Good luck on your trip.
@ramapo17 (26034)
• Melbourne, Florida
12 Apr 17
Have a great time and enjoy the holiday.
@Freelanzer (9512)
• Canada
12 Apr 17
Have fun in Italy.