Strange Phenomenon on way to Grand Canyon

November 26, 2006 1:55pm CST
I visited this beautiful place back in 1995. I was not alone on htat trip. I had two friends with me [I'll use their initials] 'J' & 'A'. 'J' was asleep in the backseat while 'A' was driving & I was navigating. It was before midnight when we were halfway there, we took a short-cut road to try to get to Grand Canyon by Morning. We didn't realize it then, but this journey would definitely give us several sleepless nights. A was driving at a normal speed, when I noticed a couple of headlight approaching from the rear quite fast. I thought to myself that it was an illusion since we were also in several dips on the road. I just managed to tell 'A' that something was coming up very fast from the rear... He saw the lights coming too & tried to speed up. I was sure it was too fast for us to lose it... He suddenly pulled over on the rough curb in a dip, just seconds before the headlights became A SuperFast Truck w/ 2 Trailers. It was so loud when it went by that we couldn't hear ourselves shout. Finally a few sconds later it was all gone. I swear we were sober & lucid. 'J' woke up in shock & asked us why we stopped. He immediately took over the driving & started speeding down the road to try to catch up to the trailer or atleast find out what it was. We passed several trucks on that road but none had more than one trailer & they were all slowly travelling. We got spooked. We drove the rest of the path knowing fully well that no trailer on earth [Except probably the Aussie TRANES] could pull 2 trailers & travel faster than 100mph. Anyway the next day when we reached Grand Canyon, my friend 'A' informed me that we still had a full tank of fuel & that we had not expended much fuel to reach 800 miles[impossible!!!]. From that experience I realised one important lesson. There are some places where time & space get warped.. I think we ran into such a spot.. 'A' decided never to travel to the Four corners are again....
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9 Jul 08
i've not heard of a story like that before. that would be very spooky, scary, and haunting. and being a semi truck that was life threatening to be coming up so fast behind you. in the natural it could not keep control. it is not natural.
@Cortney (3982)
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26 Nov 06
wow.. that is crazy.. i know that there is supposed to be streches of highway that are haunted and really wierd things happen there.