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@shivamani10 (11148)
Hyderabad, India
April 19, 2017 12:06am CST
Somebody has advised me not to have a bedroom in the North East Direction. In the plan given there is one such bedroom in the N-E direction. Though I am not a great believer in Vastu I wanted to follow the minimum Vastu without causing any angry to the members in the family. When I sought the opinion of the builder he said that he constructed many houses like that and that too after taking the opinion of Vastu people and that there is nothing wrong. I showed it to a person who is residing near my house. He advised not to have one in that direction. So immediately I took the floor plan to a specialist and asked for his opinion. He said that I can not have it but this can be arranged just beside that room and not have any room in the N-E direction and place the main entrance there ie., the NE direction. I decided to make the change accordingly. But I received a call from my sister to consult another person who is an expert. So, tomorrow I will be contacting that man and his opinion will be final for me. Sister is taking an appointment for tomorrow. Tomorrow I am visiting him and his opinion will be final.
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19 Apr 17
Vastu was started to make sure that there is proper ventilation and lighting in the house. Different people have different opinions. Buildeds these days generally are following minimum vastu
@ilocosboy (41879)
• Philippines
19 Apr 17
This is like feng sui