Spent much time on mylot

@suripunj (966)
New Delhi, India
April 20, 2017 8:54am CST
Today i spent much time @myLot and i enjoyed much posting few and responding lot.I am afraid i get addicted to it.I am thankful to all who responded and viewed my post.As much time i spend here i have started getting familiar with some who responded me or to whom i did repeatedly.This is the platform i feel that i can think aloud and let so many people hear.I think for few more hours i will stay here responding your posts till i get some business call from onsite for certain task or task update.
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@atoz1to10 (6821)
• Australia
20 Apr 17
I got addicted to myLot when I first joined in too. But now I have to get away from it so I can get on with other work... It's good that you enjoy your time here...
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@Shavkat (66202)
• Philippines
20 Apr 17
I think I have the same feeling. I am so addicted mylotting.
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@Kandae11 (40358)
20 Apr 17
It can become addictive yes.
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@else34 (13602)
• New Delhi, India
20 Apr 17
@suripunj That's exactly what I have been doing since more than a week.The only difference is that you post at least a few discussions in a day whereas I have not posted even a single discussion for more than 10 days.LOL!!
20 Apr 17
Sometimes I spend more time than I should.