People often talk about their financial hardships, and how there are people who have it made by doing very little.

United States
April 20, 2017 10:39pm CST
I am with them there. I have my BA in English. There are multimillionaires who do very little for their money. It has been impossible to get a job using my degree. The Kardashian women have been famous for a long time now. It is only recent that some have taken up modeling. What was/is there show based on? What have they been famous for? Robert Kardashian was a lawyer. Does this happen to every lawyer's family? They get a TV show. They argue and act arrogant. Nicole Richie--What does she do that brings her so much money? What is her talent? Paris Hilton? We know what her family is famous for. Hotels. What has she done? Kevin Federline, the ex-husband of Britney Spears. He has done nothing! Yet, he was payed 175,000 dollars for throwing his 30th birthday party at Las Vegas nightclub Pure. There is only one way to stop all this nonsense. Stop supporting these people. Stop buying movie magazines. Stop buying anything that relates to them at all. Stop paying attention to them.
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@Nawsheen (22922)
• Mauritius
21 Apr 17
I don't really like the kardashians. This joy of being famous through hardwork is something else. But those people will never understand this
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• United States
21 Apr 17
I agree with you. There is a sense of accomplishment when you can sit back and see what you have done that is truly worth something.