Meerut, India
April 22, 2017 5:27am CST
I have heard somewhere that sometimes dreams tells us the future... Or we see a dream because it is happening with us in some other parallel universe.... I don't know why these dreams come and what they tell to us but sometimes only a dream is needed to change our life... A dream can be our inspiration , our mentor and everything which we want to succeed in life... Sometimes dream gives us ideas of inventions which can change the life of many people.... But some scary dreams scares us a lot then too many directors makes movies from that scary dreams of there or of others and earns a lot... So scary dreams are also valuable at some point... Watching a dream is just not like imagining something but it's like feeling something... As when we wake up we feel like what we saw the last night has happened to us in reality but it hasn't...
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• Abuja, Nigeria
22 Apr 17
Dream is that which makes you not to sleep. It's that wonderful future that you've always reasoned and thought of achieving. it's not the imagination you experience while sleeping, because of the activities of your brain while you're subconscious. tell me if I I'm wrong!
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• Meerut, India
22 Apr 17
@chstianhoffins no bro from your point of view you are absolutely correct... Dreams are really those which makes us awake all the time to make them true... But for getting a dream like that first you need to have a dream of that and it also depends on our willingness to do... This is a bit complicated thing
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@Nawsheen (22955)
• Mauritius
23 Apr 17
What I found out is that if i have been overly thinking of something then at times i tend to dream about it.