Just Know It's the Times

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@Teep11 (7418)
United States
April 23, 2017 6:05pm CST
No matter what some think. There will always be individuals who will be like a donkey bottom. No matter what's going on they'll always have something cynical to say. Don't excel in some way and here they are running their mouths. Watching every move a person makes. Annoying "believe" it but there's ways to ignore a lot of the disruptions. "Keep Believing, Achieving, and Think Success." By: Tanikka Paulk Every single day there's some sort of confusion going on. Do they ever get tired? Doesn't appear so. Anyway no amount of people should stop any person from excelling. They'll heckle on as if that's their job but if one wants to "achieve" then they're able to do so no matter how many try to cause chaos. The critics will come out and criticize every move. That's alright. There shouldn't be any giving up. A lot of the noise comes from the sidelines. Some aren't even that brave but "technology allows" individuals to say whatever they feel behind their computer screens. We're unable to control what others will do or say. Might as well ignore what needs to be ignored and continue on. As long as one is determined they'll make it to wherever they're wanting to land.; Don't consider giving up.
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@Athinker (3505)
• Jaipur, India
6 May 17
I think ignore these type of people