Watermelon a must fruit for Summer

@shivamani10 (11187)
Hyderabad, India
April 24, 2017 3:16am CST
Today I have seen lying on the pavement and the vendor is making money like anything. Every customer is busy in purchasing watermelons and trying to store them in the rear side of their vehicles.Some purchasing 7 and some 3 till the there is no space left to fill. Watermelon is a must fruit for the summer season and is a favorite of everyone. It contains about 92% of water beside many minerals like phosphorous, Calcium, magnesium etc., vitamins, and carotenoids like lycopene. Therefore, this fruit can be preferred for summer the most without any second thought as it has got many health benefits to offer. The best way to escape from the evil effects during summer is to improve hydration level. and this can be achieved by consuming Watermelon which contains about 92% of water. The Lycopene present in watermelon reduces the cholesterol in the body and the Nitric oxide also increased.This is nothing but ensuring a healthy heart The antioxidant levels, the presence of Lycopene and Vitamin C, in watermelon lower inflammation. They ensure protection against the degenerative disease like A.lzheimer's. The age-related muscular degeneration can be reduced to a great extent and there will be prolonged vision loss with aging. Thus one will have good vision even in the old age.
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24 Apr 17
Watermelon A fruit that is red but cool Huge but polite Good food good life
@Sreekala (23744)
• India
24 Apr 17
Yes, summer is the season for water melons too. It is a relief water melon is available in plenty in summer season. Cost is also affordable.
• New Delhi, India
24 Apr 17
Yeah.. Watermelons are the best summer fruits